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Halo is a community-focused investment platform connecting HBS entrepreneurs with HBS alumni 

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Our Mission

We're creating a space for alumni to meaningfully collaborate and engage with HBS entrepreneurs.

We want to level the playing field and create more opportunities for angel investors, advisors and entrepreneurs in the HBS startup / search fund ecosystem by:

  • Fostering a vibrant community committed to educating investors and seeing more entrepreneurs succeed 
  • Reducing barriers to participation 
  • Streamlining and simplifying the fundraising / investment process

Why Join Halo?

  • Connect

    Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and investors where ideas are exchanged and relationships are formed. If you're new to investing, learn the ropes from experienced angels.

  • Access

    Halo works to secure exclusive round allocations and investment opportunities that other investors may never see. Get quality HBS deal flow without doing all of the sourcing work yourself.

  • Invest

    Our platform makes it easy to invest. We take care of the back-office work allowing you to focus on deal evaluation.

Platform Highlights

  • Diversity

    We are committed to sourcing and helping underrepresented entrepreneurs that are often overlooked.

  • Community

    Connect, share ideas and learn from other investors through our online forum and Slack group.

  • Board / Advisor Matchmaking

    HBS entrepreneurs are seriously interested in tapping into the breadth and depth of expertise in our alumni base. Halo makes it easy to get involved.

Explore The Investment Portal

Streamlined Process

Browse, diligence and invest without leaving our portal. 

Halo uses e-sign for all term sheets and delivers tax documents electronically through the portal. 

Keep track of your investments in the portfolio tab.  

Reviews / Q&A

See what other investors are saying about a deal or ask the entrepreneur a question yourself. The answers are posted for other investors' benefit. 

Low Investment Minimums

Investors can quickly build a diversified portfolio with minimum investments as low as $2,500. 

What Our Supporters Say

  • "Some HBS founders don't have the social capital to raise a friends and family round. I think Halo will help level the playing field and give more entrepreneurs the chance to succeed." 

    Bukie Adebo (MBA 2021), Founder @ Liza
  • "I think this is a cool way to stay in touch with what's happening at the school and with young alumni. We have an incredible community and Halo is going to make it easier to feel connected to it." 

    Hope Johnson (MBA 2020)
  • "Halo excites me because it allows HBS entrepreneurs to make the most of the HBS network. We always hear stories of HBS entrepreneurs who were funded by classmates but its tough to find who in your class or alums who would be willing to fund your venture..." 

    Molefe Choane (MBA 2021), Founder @ MT Global Traders
  • "Great idea and eager to support you all and this impactful mission to democratize access to early investment in the next generation of great businesses." 

    Abby Rimel (MBA 2020)
  • "Halo will dramatically increase the value of the HBS network for student and alumni founders. It's a brilliant concept, long overdue, and will be even better given that it's built by student founders. As an HBS alum, I hope to see HBS embrace Halo the way Apple embraced app developers." 

    David Klein (MBA 2020), Founder @ Parade
  • "As a founder, I love the idea of engaging HBS' broader startup community in my venture while at the same time having access to a more diverse set of investors than if I went the traditional route"

    Tina Beilinson (MBA 2020), Founder @ June Motherhood

Our Team

  • Jamalcherry 2021 (2)
    Jamal Cherry

    MBA 2021

    Work: Apollo, ConocoPhillips

  • Headshot crop (3)
    Mikal Lewis

    MBA 2020

    Work: Shell, Fifth Wall, Energy Impact Partners, Advisor to Gov. Connecticut

  • Paulgompersfinal2 e1550782827378 (8)
    Paul Gompers

    Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, specializes in research on financial issues related to start-up, high growth, and newly public companies. 


HALO IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL. Examples are for illustrative purposes only as past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any investment involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified accredited investors. We do not provide investment advice to investors and no communication, through this website or in any other medium, should be construed as a recommendation for any security offered on or off Halo. This material is provided for informational purposes only and  shall not constitute an offer for any security, which will only be made pursuant to formal offering documents containing full details regarding risks, minimum investment, fees and expenses. Terms described above may be modified in the sole discretion of Halo. Please contact us for additional information. 

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